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About Heapsong 3...

Heapsong3 (the third toward my work in progress 4th Album) is upon us. Here's what I'm upto...

2 minutes walk from my house there is a Georgian walled garden in need of a lot of help. In it's heyday it was a kitchen garden at the peak of gardening technology. The size of a football pitch, with walls 4 metres high, inside growing amongst other things were pineapples in greenhouses. It's had quite a history but sadly over the last 30 years it's fallen into disrepair and mostly been neglected.

With the help of Clear Village and our 'Garden Angels' (volunteers) we plan to help to bring the garden back to life with the local community, putting spade to soil, as I wander about the garden putting pen to paper.

Find out more about this project from Clear Village founder Thomas Ermacora.

The piece I want to write is from the voice of the Walled Garden itself. A spoken word piece or perhaps a kind of collective voice for neglected spaces and abandoned man made structures. Being in the garden, I hear it almost sigh in relief with the news of this fresh enthusiasm. As if it's been calling out to anyone who might catch it from dust, to fall in love with it again. As those of you involved breathe a new life into the garden, community and beyond, it becomes clearer to me what it's been missing all these years and between spurts of getting my hands dirty, I'll be penning these thoughts.

There'll be the odd camera about, filming the making of Heapsong3 and the garden's progress. I may occasionally bring in an instrument into the garden and see who steps up to the challenge of making a noise, or perhaps come up and record the sound of whatever it is you're working on.

Explore the navigation above to find out what we're upto...

Lots of love!

immi xx


Update #4

Hello there!

We wanted to say a big thank you to all those who submitted their illustration videos for #heapsong3.

There were some really lovely ones and we spent a good while discussing who to pick! We did eventually and so let us introduce you to you, Sarah Maycock, who Thomas Ermacora (Clear-Village.Org founder leading efforts to regenerate the walled garden in our village) and I have chosen to do the video with.

The impression of the walled garden you see on this page was drawn by Sarah, who is now here with us and all the other Garden Angels getting stuck in.

The garden's really coming on a treat with both people from the village and the local community and those who've come as far as Slovakia, USA, Bulgaria, Germany + Scotland. It's very exciting to feel the space alive with everyone.

My only issue is that I'm being all rather distracted by all the great stuff going on and haven't managed to get anywhere near as far on with the music as I'd hoped! Somehow though... it'll come together. It always does (usually accompanied with less and less sleep).
More soon!

Update #3

Hello everyone.

We've nearly chosen all our Garden Angels now (thank you for everyone emailing in) but if you'd like to come to the triple celebration of The Walled Garden Party, #heapsong3 release party and Thomas' birthday Party on 8th October at our house, we'd love to have you!

Tickets are £99. (50 max)
Please request tickets by 30th September.
Drinks 5pm in the Walled Garden and 6pm - Midnight at the Round House (our house).
One hour East of Central London

All proceeds will go to the Clear Village registered charity Walled Garden Fund!
Thank you!


Update #2

Calling all illustrators! Would you like to feature your work for the official video of Heapsong3? Click here to find out more!

Update #1

We have over the last week been receiving emails from people who'd like to get involved already and now Thomas has come up with an exciting plan.

In order to make the experience really rewarding and useful, Clear Village have thought it best to run an immersive program in which volunteers / participants / local residents can be involved in a learning and doing journey and become part of a team.

So in collaboration with the Borough's Park managers, Clear-Village will be holding an open air lab for a maximum of 20 people over 6 days (22nd - 27th Sept inclusive) that will include presentations, exercises and creative get togethers. If you're not a local, we have a hotel nearby that is pre-booked with 15 rooms at £55 per night (£65 if 2 in a room), including breakfast and transport to and from the garden (10 minute drive).

You can either come for the short period (22nd - 25th inclusive) or long period (up until 28th) when there'll be art workshops also. We will feed and water you during the day and you'll be forever welcome into the garden! You would have your evenings free from 5pm to enjoy nearby London (30 minute train from Gidea Park Station, Essex) or the local countryside.

You are then invited to 'The Garden Party' on the 8th Oct at The Round House (where we live), doubling up as the release of Heapsong3. It's also Thomas' birthday which he is 'giving' to the garden (friends and family bring cash not pressies!). If you'd like to come to the party but can't be one of the 20 garden angels, you are welcome to come for £99 (all proceeds go toward further Walled Garden projects - places limited to 50 people).

For the 20 garden angels, your jobs could range from:

• Clearing the decks via bricklaying, carpentry, masonry, irrigation expertise, catering, revealing original footpaths, tilling the soil.

• Creating artwork from the debris of the clearing to be positioned around the park to raise local awareness to the ongoing project. (for those staying for the full 6 days)

We would be very happy also to have people with some knowledge of biodynamic agriculture, permaculture, architecture, community project management, drawing/live sketching etc.

Please make sure you email to confirm or request your interest as places are limited, with a brief description of your skills and what you'd like to do when you get here.

There will also be an opportunity for anyone and everyone to come to an 'open day' mid way on Sun 25th Sept and if you're up for it, we may throw you a spade or something to get stuck in!

Please write to the above address if you'll be attending the open day or 'The Garden Party' and we'll send you the info.

Deadline for Angel applicants is 9am CET, Monday 12th September and 30th September for Party goers!

Lots of love!
Look forward to seeing some of you soon!

Immi xx

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