spaces gone but not forgotten
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I think somewhere in there you should also say something from the perspective of the "ghosts" of spaces past. Structures and spaces that have been demolished and torn down. Like a beautiful old building full of eclectic detail that may have been home to several businesses and or family's, that has since been torn down and replaced by some shiny corporate modern piece of architecture. Seems like if were going to delve into neglected and abandoned spaces we should also talk about those whose chance for redemption was answered by death to make way for something newer and shiny.

submitted by Louis David Tribou III who wrote this about it:
I live in New Orleans, LA. we have the largest amount of neglected and abandoned buildings of any large well known city within the united states. Many of which are being torn down to make way for new construction. It makes me wonder how the "souls" of those buildings would feel about being done away with for something else to take its space.