Cries of the Abandoned
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Once new was I
Pleasuring to the eye
But time has past
My luster has lacked

No longer capable
No longer favorable

Then Voices rose
In place of my woes
To talk of repair
For I was worse for wear

No longer unnoticed
No longer the oldest

But not long after
The Voices’ answer
They began to fade
Into Whispers mislaid

I’m no longer wanted
I have become Haunted

Years pass and escape me
As I decay into Debris
Nature tries to regain Its place
At a deathly slow pace

I’m no longer known
I have become bone

I have to come to terms
I can’t stand firm
I have been Neglected
Yet no one is affected

I’m a piece of history
That will become a mystery
If you don’t heed my plea
Please help me

submitted by Megan Salisbury who wrote this about it:
Took me a couple minutes to write this. Had thoughts of a wondrous house that had it's hey-day and then maybe the owner died and no one bought it. After a while, maybe realtors were hoping to rebuild it, but they were empty promises. The end bit I thought about what the walled garden was like right before Imogen and everyone took up the project :)