These Old Bones
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These old bones, dragged by muscle
Barely known, these old bones
These old bones still remember
The way home …..these old bones

These old bones have moved mountains
With broken backs and heavy loads
These old bones lifted spirits
Raised the roof in heavy snow

These old bones
Know what’s coming
These old bones can see inside
These old bones see a pale horse riding
older bones waiting on the other side

these old bones
with skin stretched so
taut life’s lessons learned
These old bones held together with spite and pride
Well earned

There’s a dark cloud rising
In the east and in the west
There’s no disguising
These old bones need a place to rest………….

These old bones, have borne witness
Changing of the age and wishes
the weight of many lifetimes changes
The pain if we’re lucky, time erases

Bury us all, with these old bones

submitted by Rick McMullen who wrote this about it:
I couldn't help but think of a graveyard and it's inhabitants, their past lives, their influences to all that still exists today