just thoughts
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I haven't taken too long to look at this site as I am at work. bad girl.. lol oh well.. anyways. I don't know if you are wanting ideas for music or a garden. either way shouldn't either be something that seems to take you to another world, to pull someone into what ones sees not only with their mind, heart, and soul but through their very own eyes as well. we all move at different tempos. our hearts beat the same. yet all that we are is something most don't share, because they are afraid or don't know how. I guess this my idea, is just how I view the world. I can seem to slow down things in my mind to take in the tiniest things others seem to overlook. I guess its like trying to find the pearl in a mountain of sand. I always seem to see the beauty in the sand, mountain and pearl if it is revealed to me. I don't know if any of this may be of use or help. just thought I would share. you are truly gifted. thank you for sharing your gift with others.

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like the title says just thoughts. I think alot. too much sometimes. i analyze everything. Im as emotional as I am logical. good balance. I can feel and think deeply. I just hope I can be of some kind of use. even if Im not. thats okay. thank you for hearing me.