General Statement
Idea reputation: -88.

Miss Heap sounds a bit like the American singer songwriter Susan Werner, if Susan really let herself let go into herself.

submitted by Professor Kevin McCluskey who wrote this about it:
I run Jazz Revelation Records. Young jazz composers are making completely original music. I invite you all to download the CD for free and give it to your friends, who give it to their friends: I use gardens to teach in. It breaks down social roles, creates teams. I love the idea of an musician like Miss Heap using found sonic events, music, and environmental situations such as this garden to collaborate with. I mean, I believe she is actually influenced by her evolving relationship with the walled space. The walled space has: inside/outside, winter/summer, brick/green, old/new, soil/air - traveling on for every like tiny diads (two note chords). Cheers to you - inspire us forever! Kevin