Lost Gardens

submitted by Betsy Dodd who wrote this about it:
Tom and Dottie married after WW2, saved up their money and purchased a new home in 1955 in Nashville, TN. Over the years they worked tirelessly to turn their 1 acre backyard into a beautiful park with flowering shrubs, lots of perennials in raised beds… they hand-built a classic stone barbecue, patio and stone-lined walkways. They never had children—so perhaps this was the pride and joy they raised instead. Decades later, with age and feebleness, their private garden began to fall into disrepair. Then Tom passed away, followed by Dottie a few years later. Today, this is my home and private backyard. While I have yet to muster the energy to revive their once-magical showplace, I can still feel the original spirit of this space they brought to life. And every spring, Dottie's carefully planted Lilies and Daffodils still reemerge to remind me that in this garden, at least, their life is everlasting.